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Wednesday, November 23, 2016

The search for common ground between the left and the right

Steve Bannon's appointment by Trump has drawn criticism from the anti-Trumpists since he said some bad things to his ex-wife about Jewish people twenty years ago so is forever banished from society as liberals would have it (along with all the people who voted for Donnie the Demagogue). But here is a way for liberals and conservatives to unite: hate Israel and hate America. Read on:

"What was seen in this country was a very dangerous development on both sides," Dershowitz explained in an interview on MSNBC. "We are seeing the Republicans move right and the Democrats move hard left. I have to tell you, the only thing the hard left and the hard right have in common, they hate Israel and America."


Maybe the new fascist Administration and Congress could follow the example from the book 1984 where Orwell came up with the idea of Hate Week. It could be in late Summer just like in 1984 just in time for the national political conventions. see:

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