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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Time for a letter to the local editor?

This is about the Spooner school board being expanded by a group of people calling themselves Families United for Superior Education (FUSE): 


The FUSE social movement came up with brilliant strategy to pack the school board.  Their Facebook announcement about their original petition to expand the school board said "Increasing the number of board members would ease the time-commitment overload for current board members by distributing the extensive responsibilities to more individuals". For some reason they forgot to mention the fact four new members could shift the votes on the board in a direction they favor. 

Back in the 1940s President Franklin Roosevelt tried but failed to get a law though Congress allowing him to pack the Supreme Court by expanding the number of justices so he could have a court majority favoring his New Deal agenda. As part of the evolution of the FUSE movement perhaps we need to start thinking of FUSE as the School Board Packers (SB Packers).  

While the SB Packers cannot appoint the additional school board members it may not really matter.  When attendees at the annual meeting for the district passed the agenda item to expand the school board it was nearly the same as the SB Packers winning the game. Who would want to run for the school board and get the same grief the current school board members are getting except of course former school district employees with an ax to grind who have retired or left to teach in other districts or their ardent fans. 

Oddly enough before writing caustic letters about fictional consolidators and real packers I had planned on writing a letter to the Advocate saying it was time for the school board to start exploring another referendum. The recall nonsense had faded away and the needed extra money has to come from somewhere. The last referendum went down in flames after the Advocate carried some articles saying how much teachers were paid. That all changed with Act 10 and the teachers were forced to sacrifice. With a few exceptions the school board seems to have been struggling to cut costs so perhaps it was time for the taxpayers to also sacrifice to keep the Spooner schools from declining. But the SB Packers have changed the game.

Will something positive come from all of this after all? If you look at the FUSE Facebook page it sounds like FUSE has the best of intentions but the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Hopefully we do not eventually learn FUSE really means 'Facilitating the Unpopular Superintendent's Exit' and the packed school board next April resembles a phoenix arising from the ashes of a pre-Act 10 teachers union.   

Note: the public meeting to vote on expanding the school board occurs on Monday October 19th when TWW and Mrs. TWW will be at the body shop in Duluth getting something fixed so cannot vote. It is not likely the vote to expand will fail but one never knows. 

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