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Sunday, October 11, 2015

Aristotle on Trump

"Trump’s commonsensical outbursts have already affected the other candidates, some of whom appear compelled to alter their droning liturgical styles. By his presence Trump improves the system. My wife approvingly calls him “the Trumpet” for his brazenness. Of course all this bothers media intelligentsia who over-intellectualize mass political drivel. They speak in terms of Trump’s supposedly inevitable destiny to “self destruct” and so forth. Trump is perhaps too abrupt for them. Regarding ethos, Trump seems to appeal to audiences tired of professional purveyors of that which Princeton philosopher Harry Frankfurt has formally defined as bullshit, which is worse than the lie. The liar at least has some knowledge of truth, merely seeking to deny it, but the bullshit artist soars untethered from reality into a world of self-serving fabrication. Trump may or may not be a good man, but in today’s political ecology he remains an alternative to those surfeit with the professional patter of careerist politicians. In the end it may all come down to ethos.  So Aristotle, it appears, also knows the American electorate better than the pollsters and analysts who have been trying to account for the phenomenon of The Donald.     "

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