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Saturday, September 26, 2015

More TRUTH - so once again what does a survey really mean

"Carlton and his colleagues sent surveys to nearly 2,000 biophysical scientists at universities in the Big 10 conference (which primarily includes universities in the Northeast and Midwest). The scientists surveyed included experts in a broad range of disciplines, including biology, chemistry, physics and geosciences, and also included some climate scientists."


Notice how the survey people were nice enough to throw in some of the scientists who actually study climate in their sample. If TWW remembers right one leading denier said most of the other skeptics he knows think the climate has warmed but that humans play a small role in it. In other words they believe in climate change caused by humans but do not think humans are the main cause. 

What this survey may have measured was how much being indoctrinated by liberal values in a university setting by either classes or group pressure to conform influences how they think. 

The article also says: " In fact, cultural and political values do seem to play a role among scientists. Those who believed that global temperatures are rising were more egalitarian, more communitarian and more liberal than those who did not, the survey revealed."

ps. last month TWW's leased from the power coop solar panels generated 600kw of the electricity Mrs. TWW used. How many of the true believers in climate change caused by humans can claim they are doing as much to save the world?

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