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Friday, July 10, 2015

Hillary and now the Republicans may be in big trouble

" Honora Laszlo, a volunteer with the Arlington, Virginia chapter of Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, asked Sanders during the question-and-answer session of a policy forum to clarify his stance on gun reform, and to explain his vote in favor of a 2005 law that shields firearms manufacturers from liability if their products are used in the execution of a crime....Sanders defended his record on gun control, noting that he took “very, very difficult votes” in favor of the 1994 assault weapons ban and, in 2013, to close the gun show background check loophole.
“With all due respect, you also cast the vote to allow gun manufacturers to never be sued,” Laszlo interjected.
“Right I did, OK?” Sanders fired back, adding later, “Why would I have voted that way? Because if somebody has a gun and somebody steals that gun and they shoot somebody with it, do you really think it makes sense to blame the manufacturer of that weapon? If somebody sells you a baseball bat and somebody hits you over the head with it, you’re not going to sue the baseball bat manufacturer”.....Sanders, however, pinned the intractability of the gun control issue on a cultural divide between urban and rural America.
“I come from a state that has virtually no gun control and it turns out one of the safest states in the country.... And people in rural America have got to understand that in an urban area, guns mean something very, very different.”
“We will not succeed on this terribly important issue if we continue the cultural warfare between urban America and rural America, and I think I’m in a good place to bridge that gap,” Sanders said.  "

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