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Friday, September 05, 2014

Immigration rant of the day

The politicians tell us we live in a nation built by immigrants. The liberal brand of politician also likes to tell us how unfair the nation built by immigrants is.

So are immigrants all wonderful people and we should let lots more of them in?

Some of the earliest immigrants in the country were the slave owners wonderful people that they were.

Then there were the slaves who were minding their own business back in their homelands until they were kidnapped and brought to the US  and their culture destroyed and a new slave culture based on violence created.  Fortunately many of the former slaves were able to overcome their pasts and adopt to the surroundings they ended up in and are good citizens but some aren't and our tax dollars pay for that.

Finally, their are the immigrants who fought with the native people here first, won and took their land and put them on reservations and also destroyed their cultures. Nice work immigrants.

This is rant is something to remember the next time someone tells you about how wonderful immigration is. It depends.

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