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Friday, February 28, 2014

Deniers, Nazis and science

The source here is:  It is about scientists accepting new ideas. Notice no mention of Nazis since the holocaust had not yet happened and neither had political correctness (where you can only call conservatives names). 

"Wegener's drift hypothesis also provided an alternate explanation for the formation of mountains (orogenesis). The theory being discussed during his time was the "Contraction theory" which suggested that the planet was once a molten ball and in the process of cooling the surface cracked and folded up on itself. ....Wegener eventually proposed a mechanism for continental drift that focused on his assertion that the rotation of the earth created a centrifugal force towards the equator. ... This idea was quickly rejected by the scientific community primarily because the actual forces generated by the rotation of the earth were calculated to be insufficient to move continents.  Wegener also tried to explain the westward drift of the Americas by invoking the gravitational forces of the sun and the moon, this idea was also quickly rejected.  Wegener's inability to provide an adequate explanation of the forces responsible for continental drift and the prevailing belief that the earth was solid and immovable resulted in the scientific dismissal of his theories. In 1929, about the time Wegener's ideas began to be dismissed, Arthur Holmes elaborated on one of Wegener's many hypotheses; the idea that the mantle undergoes thermal convection.   This idea received very little attention at the time...Not until the 1960's did Holmes' idea receive any attention"

So the question now is to separate the climate warming propaganda of Al Gore from the 'it's a hoax' propaganda from Rush Limbaugh and company from actual science and pseudoscience paid for with government research grants.  

Here is the latest interesting episode in this saga:

In the post a denier who goes to church so cannot be a scientist we should take seriously complains about being call a 'denier' which links him to the holocaust deniers. 

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