TWW is The Warped Woodturner who is a local artist living in a suburb of Springbrook, WI (pop 87). His mission is to use a wood lathe to make interesting but mostly useless objects from locally-sequestered carbon for tourists to bring back to the city to give to people they had to buy something for but don't like that well. His target market is the senior citizens since their vision is not as good as it used to be so cannot see the defects as well.

Monday, November 29, 2010

TWW thought Wikileaks had something to do with going to the bathroom

so decided to find out how much leaking Wikis caused global warming.  He learned from Wiki

"The contribution to the greenhouse effect by a gas is affected by both the characteristics of the gas and its abundance. For example, on a molecule-for-molecule basis methane is about eighty times stronger greenhouse gas than carbon dioxide ,[6] but it is present in much smaller concentrations so that its total contribution is smaller. When these gases are ranked by their contribution to the greenhouse effect, the most important are:[7]
Water VaporH2O36 – 72 %  
Carbon DioxideCO29 – 26 %
MethaneCH44 – 9 %  
OzoneO33 – 7 %  
It is not possible to state that a certain gas causes an exact percentage of the greenhouse effect. This is because some of the gases absorb and emit radiation at the same frequencies as others, so that the total greenhouse effect is not simply the sum of the influence of each gas. The higher ends of the ranges quoted are for each gas alone; the lower ends account for overlaps with the other gases.[7][8] The major non-gas contributor to the Earth's greenhouse effect, clouds, also absorb and emit infrared radiation and thus have an effect on radiative properties of the greenhouse gases.[7][8]


Since human leakage releases water which vaporizes and is destroying the planet more than CO2 why isn't the Al Gore crowd telling people to hold it as long as they can? 


Anonymous said...

А! Besar, saya menemukan apa yang saya 'lookin telah berlangsung selama

Anonymous said...

Merci beaucoup pour la rédaction du présent, il a été unbelieveably instructif et m'a dit d'une tonne

Anonymous said...

Great, i found what i 've been lookin for

Anonymous said...

Jelas ada banyak tahu tentang hal ini. Saya pikir Anda membuat beberapa poin baik di Fitur juga. Tetap bekerja, pekerjaan yang besar!

Anonymous said...

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