TWW is The Warped Woodturner who is a local artist living in a suburb of Springbrook, WI (pop 87). His mission is to use a wood lathe to make interesting but mostly useless objects from locally-sequestered carbon for tourists to bring back to the city to give to people they had to buy something for but don't like that well. His target market is the senior citizens since their vision is not as good as it used to be so cannot see the defects as well.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Successful sting operation

After several weeks of damage we finally mounted a successful sting operation and the culprit is behind bars.

Storm damage found

A duct tape tape cure for hail damage. The hummers don't seem to mind.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

Family cabin pontoon christening

Once the hail quit it was nice up here. In the background nasty weather goes south of us.

Here one of the guests attempts to make the Norwegean drink called sandywine using beech sand from her sandals.

Mrs. TWW pours a little champagne on the bow of the pontoon to signify its christening. We drank the rest since it was too good to pour on a dumb boat.

Global warming causes ice in June

We thought the neighbors were practicing golf again before realizing we were having an ice storm. The 1st picture below shows a 6" sidewalk timber compared to an ice ball. We have never seen hail in the four years we have lived here until this year. We can only conclude BIG OIL and their shingle companies must have caused this to increase their obscene profits by selling more shingles.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Propet Algore will be happy

This should earn us some points for going to Global Warmist Heaven. The green thing is the top of the tube we will use to hold a solar clothes drier.
We can't watch the cement dry since we covered it up so had to find other ways to entertain ourselves. We shot in the air a few times to scare off a bear this morning. This time the bear ran away. The last time we tried to make noise with a gun the bear turned and gave me us the paw.

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Serving bowl/tray

Serving bowl/tray of some sort made from an old tree that blew down in the August 2005 storm. It was colored using vinegar with rusty nails in it and then the bowl was coated with mineral oil. The coloring and coating add flavor to what you serve in the tray/bowl and aid in digestion. The bowl/tray measures 12" by 1 1/2". The spot in the center of the bowl is one of TWW's signature defects used to insure an imperfect product.

Moving Dirt

The man with the skid steer machine was back and completed his part of the transformation of the 30 acres into the Garbin Moraine B & B complete with ski and snowshoe trails and walking paths. Below is a look at the beta release of Shirley's Way.

The dirt closest to the Bluebird B & B house below is the final resting point for the legendary BIG ROCK. While digging many holes TWW has been concerned he would run into the BIG ROCK. Now that the BIG ROCK has finally been found and given a decent burial we can all rest in peace knowing we will eventually succeed in getting our own holes dug. The rock was about the same size as the skid steer machine according to the machine operator. It was sticking out of the ground masquerading as a big rock to fool us.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007


Since this is a blog about bowls we'd better start putting more of them here. This one is about 8" x 3" made from some tree the wind blew down in 2005.


The lovefrogs in their new location.


Mrs. TWW put two white rugs out on the deck atop the back of a lawn chair. A juvenile delinquent climbed up on the rugs and chewed along the top of both rugs making them useless. The perpetrator has been apprehended and is now is behind bars but as defiant as ever.

Saturday, June 09, 2007


Benches built with lumber from a timberframe outdoor shower from a past life. Reuse, recycle not refuse. Stay tuned for recycled posts on this blog. There is only so much of interest in the country to share with people who never read this blog.

Life and death in the country

The garden is now almost completely in. In the north country you have to plant later. Now Mrs. TWW has about 70 days of anticipation before the tomatoes are ready. (TWW is hoping for crop failure).

We have a hill where nothing will grow so we planted crown vetch. Now that it is finally growing we learned the DNR does not want us to have it since it is invasive. As good lake lovers we sprayed the vetch with Roundup (a long ways from any lakes). TWW is also hoping for crop failure here.

Wheelbarrow garage now painted

It was windy yesterday. The paint dried fast so we had to find something else to do for the rest of the day.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Warning about global warming propaganda

NOTE: TWW says the next time you hear a news story about warm weather or hurricanes remember this term. This term may also apply to Bush and Company when they were deciding to invade Iraq.
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Confirmation bias
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(note: this was taken from Wikipedia)
In psychology and cognitive science, confirmation bias is a tendency to search for or interpret new information in a way that confirms one's preconceptions and avoid information and interpretations which contradict prior beliefs. It is a type of cognitive bias and represents an error of inductive inference, or as a form of selection bias toward confirmation of the hypothesis under study or disconfirmation of an alternative hypothesis.

Confirmation bias is an area of interest in the teaching of critical thinking as the skill is misused when rigorous critical scrutiny is applied to evidence supporting a preconceived idea but not to evidence challenging the same preconception.[1]

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Mrs. TWW's Way (as in path)

We got a guy over with a skid steer machine to rip a path through the woods. It should turn out nice.
There was a slight problem as a tree damaged a tire so the contractor had to go to town and could not finish in the same day.

Mrs. TWW's anniversary present

It's made of oak and is 12" x 5".

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