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Thursday, November 10, 2016

Test over since Fairness Doctrine won't come soon

Hillary lost and Donnie the Demagogue (DtD) rules (whatever that means).

If you want to understand how DtD could win an election here is an article that may help you. You will need to read the entire article to get it.

Quote: "Sherman, a thick-chested NASCAR racer, is working class through and through, as Hochschild recounts in her new book, “Strangers in their Own Land.” He is also an ardent Tea Party supporter who disdains big government and feels marginalized in a multi-cultural, secularized society. During one of their conversations, he proclaimed that Syrian refugees were potential ISIS members who should be locked up in Guantanamo Bay.
But Sherman’s biggest beef is taxes which he thinks go to “the wrong people – especially welfare beneficiaries who ‘lazed around days and partied at night,’ and government workers in cushy jobs,” Hochschild writes. “He knew liberal Democrats wanted him to care more about welfare recipients, but he didn’t want their PC rules telling him who to feel sorry for.” "
Hochshild's book is one TWW just started reading and is worth you time. He also read Vance's book mentioned in the article earlier and it is also quite good. There is a slogan about just ignoring them and they will go away. That is what the Democrats did wrong and DtD was the result.  

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