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Thursday, December 03, 2015

Double Denier Day (DDD)

TWW turned on liberal National Public Radio today around 5:30AM to learn their version of the truth today since Rush Limbough was not on yet today to reveal the real truth and within two minutes learned it was Double Denier Day. Actually most every day is Double Denier Day lately with so many group shootings for the media and Washington to explain to the masses.

The second story was about the Paris to save the world from Climate Change. You all have heard about the climate deniers who say climate change is not proven and we should wait and see before taking any action that may hurt certain groups like the people who use electricity (that is us).

The first story revealed another type of denial. The reality was right in front of TWW's eyes but he was too blind to see it until today. The first news story was about the man and woman who shot up the party in San Bernadino.  The story cautioned that just because the people who were the killers were of Pakistan and Saudia Arabia descent does not mean they were terrorists and we should wait until all the facts are in and nothing has been proved yet.  This sounds just like what the climate deniers say. People can bend over backwards to keep from having to admit something is reality.  From this it is obvious we are dealing with denial on the liberal side. Let's start calling these people the Jihadism Deniers. Or should we wait for more  evidence that this is really what is going on?

A primer from Wikipedia

"Jihadism (jihadist movement, jihadi movement and variants) is used to refer to contemporary armed jihad in Islamic fundamentalism. The term "jihadism" was coined in the 2000s and mostly used to cover Islamic insurgency and Islamic terrorism since that time, but it has also been extended to cover both Mujahideen guerilla warfare and Islamic terrorism with an international scope since it arose in the 1980s, since the 1990s substantially represented by the al-Qaeda network."

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