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Monday, November 16, 2015

mystery solved


The Chinese do not have boots on the ground like Carson first claimed. He meant to say 'sandals' like all the people in Asia must wear.

Source of picture:

And here is the mainstream media version of the truth:

And more 'proof' from somebody TWW has never heard of fro a few year back:

"Special Report
Chinese Radars in Syria
Sean O’Connor

 As the Syrian crisis continues, new evidence is suggesting a far greater amount of Chinese military assistance to the Assad regime than previously believed. Imagery analysis reveals the presence of Type 120, JYL-1, and JY-27 (GREAT WALL) radar systems at various EW complexes in Syria. The radars are present in imagery dating as far back as 2009. Given that the current crisis in Syria developed in late 2011, the new identification of Chinese military equipment does not represent overt Chinese support of the Assad regime. While China does not support Western initiatives regarding the crisis, it is imperative to note that the 2009 or earlier delivery timeline predates the situation and is indicative only of an import-export relation between the two states."


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