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Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Great news for gun makers -- as heard on CBS

Don't buy all the BS from the second amendment fanatics.  Smart guns are good for the gun industry.

The anti-gun Violence Policy Center said this in a background report: 

"Would smart guns entice individuals who otherwise wouldn’t buy a gun to bring a weapon
into their home?

Making smart guns available could increase the chances of selling guns to Americans who
currently do not own them. A March 1997 survey conducted by the National Opinion Research
Center found that, of respondents who were “unlikely to buy a gun in the future,” 35 percent
would “consider buying a handgun that would only fire for the owner of the gun.” Packaged
with a strong sales pitch, the technology could penetrate new markets for a gun industry that is
facing long-term declines in household and personal gun ownership, putting more families at risk
from the well-documented hazards that accompany bringing a gun into a previously gun-free

And always remember more guns means less crime.

Read the entire report at the bottom of this web page:

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