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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Minneapolis vs. Florida Tragedies Not Explained

In case you have not heard about the black man in Minneapolis shot by a vigilantee trying to retrieve a purse see this link: 

Minneapolis and Sanford Florida Shootings Compared

Minneapolis, MN  
Sanford, FL
shooter's name not released by County atty or police 
George Zimmerman
media called shooter good samaritan         
media called shooter block watch captain
no body information given  out  
shooter was 200 pounds (worked in an office and may have been fat not muscular)
shooter race not known  called white Hispanic by media
shooter followed deceased in car    claims he was walking to find a house number to tell 911 operator

shooter demanded stolen purse back      shooter claims attacked by deceased
background not knownshooter's father said he was an altar boy who tutored some black kids and handed out fliers at churches when Sanford police did not act on attack on homeless black person; other people claimed othewise
civil rights industry never heard from      civil rights industry reps Jackson and Sharpton on scene
no protests    protests demanding arrest
deceased according to police had robbed before and was becoming more violent    deceased was expelled from school
family of deceased did not give pictures to media      family of deceased gave out pictures of deceased at younger innocent looking age
shooter had Minnesota (assumed) concealed carry permit and training         shooter had Florida concealed carry permit and training
Minnesota has no stand your ground law        Florida has a stand your ground law
shooter not charged charged with 2nd degree murder

We report and maybe you can decide why the Minnesota shooter was a Good Samaritan and the Florida shooter the Bruno Hauptman of 2012. (see link: )

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