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Monday, March 21, 2011

Another crackpot letter to the editor in the making


The slogan "no taxation without representation" needs revamping for the 21st century.  We live in a state with an extremist governor unwilling to raise taxes so public employees can receive their just compensation.  Fair disclosure makes me say before retiring and moving here I used to work in the public sector in Minnesota.  But first,  back in Minnesota we lived on homesteaded property since in Minnestoa there is a law giving your primary residence a tax break.  And second when I came up to hunt or fish  it meant a nonresident license.  

While we cannot to cut property taxes there is a way to solve part of the current mess in Madison by combining the two concepts above.  We need a Property Owner's License (POL) where people need a license to own property and nonresidents pay nonresident fees and homesteaded propety owners pay $0.00 (at least initially).  The POL fee would just need to be another line on a person's property. It is a license fee  not a tax.

Just like in Minnesota the nonresident concept needs to expand to include  the rich Wisconsin people who own  lake castles up north in addition to homesteaded primary residences in the city.  

This idea also cures the 'tax bird' problem where rich people pretend to live in other states with no income tax but spend as much of the year up here as possible and only leave in the winter when nobody wants to be here anyway.   

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