TWW is The Warped Woodturner who is a local artist living in a suburb of Springbrook, WI (pop 87). His mission is to use a wood lathe to make interesting but mostly useless objects from locally-sequestered carbon for tourists to bring back to the city to give to people they had to buy something for but don't like that well. His target market is the senior citizens since their vision is not as good as it used to be so cannot see the defects as well.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quote for the day about tolerence?

"I lost more friends becoming a Republican than I did becoming a woman," Susan Kimberly said. (she had a sex change operaton to become a woman and also switched political parties)


Friday, July 30, 2010

Beer Slippers

TWW got some new summer slippers yesterday.  They look like Spotted Cow beer bottles and in checking to see if Spotted Cow is a trademark TWW found a great site where New Glarus beers are matched with cheese and food. Click on the slippers to find the site. 

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Another e-mail floating around the Internet

A portion of the racist text in the e-mail: 

"I'm a legal American citizen and I must show my ID when:

1. Pulled over by the police.
2. Making purchases on my department store credit card.
3. When I show up for a doctor's appointment.
4. When filling out a credit card or loan application.
5. When applying for or renewing a driver's license or passport.
6. When applying for any kind of insurance.
7. When filling out college applications.
8. When donating blood.
9. When obtaining certain prescription drugs.
10. When making some debit purchases, especially if I'm out of state.
11. When collecting a boarding pass for airline or train travel."

We report; you decide

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Who are the mean-spirited people?

After the head of FEMA messed-up (or so everyone thought) George Bush backed-up his staff and had this to say:

After the USDA worker messed-up (or so everyone thought) the current post-political administration  took action:  "Sherrod was asked to resign after conservative bloggers posted a video of her saying she didn't initially give a white farmer as much help as she could have 24 years ago, when she was working for a farmers' aid group. "  That  quote was  taken out of context from:

Do you suffer from ASS (Anti-Science Syndrome)?

"If you suspect someone of ASS, look for the repeated use of the following phrases:

  • Medieval Warm Period
  • Hockey Stick
  • Michael Mann
  • The climate is always changing
  • Alarmist
  • Hoax
  • Temperature rises precede rises in carbon dioxide
  • Pacific Decadal Oscillation
  • Water vapor
  • Sunspots
  • Cosmic rays
  • Danish physicist Henrik Svensmark
  • Ice Age was predicted in the 1970s
  • Global cooling"

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Another Survival Goods Tip

Over seven pounds of German potato salad for less than three US dollars at coop grocery store.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

No More Yellow Tail Wine Served at GM

Even if you bring it to King Tut's we won't serve it.  That is because company got suckered into giving  a bunch of money to the Humane Society of the US.  This is the organization that pretends to be saving poor little abused pets but instead is right up there with PETA in trying to eliminate hunting.

For details see

As one blog said:

"Yellow Tail Fail Wines Sucked in by HSUS Scam
Yellow Tail wines are produced by Casella Wines Pty Ltd., based in Yenda, Australia. The Casella family produced wine in their native Italy since the 1820s, but moved to Australia to pursue a better life. But Yellow Tail has failed in their goal to pursue the better life in at least one way: they donated $100,000 to the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS). This was a huge mistake, Yellow Tail. If you'd done your homework, you'd know that HSUS is not the same as your local humane societies." 
See this link to see where we copied the text above from: 

King Tut's will serve Crown Royal if you bring our own. 

cinco minutos en el sol

Any idea if this is for real?

The loggers are getting ready to work on land next to GM

The troposphere trying to moon someone?

Red squirrel getting ready for winter

Monday, July 19, 2010

Carbon footprinting service now available on Garbin Moraine

Just step in the proper place and the GM  staff will save your carbon footprint for future generations. (TWW wants to thank a loyal reader for the germs of this idea)

mischievous little gopher trashes the trash

"sense of pervasive malaise" - part 2

The sense of pervasive malaise mentioned in the post below by the former national security advisor  means people must start preparing for adversities.  TWW moved to the woods to an undisclosed location (the coordinates above are a ruse whatever a ruse is) and is going to start stockpiling necessities.   A good item to stock is something you use and has a long shelf life. You also may need a plan B so TWW also saves old newspapers.  

Sunday, July 18, 2010

White bowl

We now have the answer (no picture available)

Jimmy Carter's National Security Adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski: "I think we're now going through a phase in which there is a sense of pervasive malaise, which affects different groups in society in different ways."  TWW wonders if Germany had this sort of malaise before Uncle Adolph rose to power. Beware of who you follow.  Trust only this blog for the truth.

see/hear Brzezinski say this at:

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Future Freeloaders of America (FFA) - some local Deer Chapter members

Note: the chairs and bench were not taken out of the fire pit from the last time TWW mowed the weeds.  Bowls make better fires. 

POTUS instead of BO

TWW has wondered since the election campaign how people could handle the President's unfortunate name and initials. The H for Hussein is misleading to be sure since it sounds Muslim and he is not and BO is just as bad since the White House must have magnificent showers.  The liberals may have finally found a way around the problem.  Some are calling him POTUS (as in Potus Rex as he continues unfortunately to raise his nose in the air when he talks as if talking to the assembled Roman masses in ancient times?). There is even a website you can visit:  The website even proves he was born in the US in case you have birthering teabagger tendencies and still have any lingering doubts. 

Why worry about the muslims when we have the Washington Post?

Note: if you get a message saying the file is not found look for something about a cached copy and select that one. If not POTUS may have been able to suppress the story. 

Friday, July 16, 2010

Your stimulus dollars at work

"Obesity Rating for Every American Must Be Included in Stimulus-Mandated Electronic Health Records, Says HHS
Thursday, July 15, 2010
By Matt Cover, Staff Writer

New federal regulations issued this week stipulate that the electronic health records--that all Americans are supposed to have by 2014 under the terms of the stimulus law that President Barack Obama signed last year--must record not only the traditional measures of height and weight, but also the Body Mass Index: a measure of obesity."


To learn your BMI now instead of waiting for the government to do it for you see this link:

Full disclosure notice: TWW is average overweight (about half of the way between high normal weight and lower obese weight)  

Storm damage in Hayward

Get out the blankets and be ever vigilant -- the government has spoken

issued by
8 July 2010
"ENSO Alert System Status: La Niña Watch

Synopsis: La Niña conditions are likely to develop during July - August 2010.
During June 2010, sea surface temperature (SST) anomalies continued to decrease across the equatorial Pacific Ocean, with negative anomalies expanding across the central and eastern Pacific (Fig. 1). While the rate of decrease slowed during June, all of the Niño indices were cooler compared to the previous month (Fig. 2). ............ Collectively, these oceanic and atmospheric anomalies reflect developing La Niña conditions. .

The majority of models now predict La Niña conditions (SST anomalies less than or equal to -0.5oC in the Niño-3.4 region) to develop during June-August and to continue through early 2011 (Fig. 6). ..........."


note to readers: there are a bunch of these ocean cycles that could influence the weather on land but they cannot possibly influence climate since that can only happen from human activities

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Day lily internment camp

Good news for the paranoid right-wingers

Paranoid people need external events to feed their delusions so here is a good one for them: “The bottom line here is that Americans don’t believe in President Obama’s leadership,” says Rob Shapiro, another former Clinton official and a supporter of Mr Obama. “He has to find some way between now and November of demonstrating that he is a leader who can command confidence and, short of a 9/11 event or an Oklahoma City bombing, I can’t think of how he could do that.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Another quote for the day

The Rev. C.L. Bryant, a former president of NAACP's Garland, Texas, chapter who is now a leading Tea Party activist said the idea that the Tea Party is racist or is trying to instigate a racist climate is "simply a lie."
"I have seen posters ... where every president from Reagan to Obama has been called a fascist," Bryant, who serves as a contributor to FreedomWorks, which organizes Tea Party groups, told ABC News. "Why is it that just because we have a black president, we are hyper-sensitive to posters at rallies?"
The NAACP wants to "create a climate where they can say that those on the right are in fact racist and those on the left are their saviors," he added. "This is very much what the liberal agenda is about."

Monday, July 12, 2010

Garbin Moraine unscathed

More storm clouds to the SE a few hours after funnel cloud spotted south of GM.

Good soaking of rain from these clouds to dampen drought.

News story:   "Around 3:40 on Sunday afternoon, three different people near Highway 70 in the Spooner, WI area reported seeing a funnel cloud and alerted law enforcement and the National Weather Service." see

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Good thing he has some pensions

This is the first successful pea harvest in two years.  Last year something ate the peas off right at the ground and they died.   This year the peas got to have babies.   And then there is the writing career. TWW just calculated that his writing career has spanned 23 years and on the average he has made $7.71 per year writing.  The new computer just cost about $800.  Is this a 'go figure' moment? 

Saturday, July 10, 2010

More rain on the way in drought country

Update at 1732 UTC: storm went south of here so once again global warming is proved true. 

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Garbin Moraine going WiFi

For a fun afternoon try setting up a router without anything to route stuff to.  This is Mrs. TWW's birthday present.  Now TWW supposes she will want him to get her a computer too. 

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

A solar cooking day?

The day is starting off with hope. The sky looks good and the weather forecast from the government looks good at first.

The government weather forecast says: 

"Today: Partly sunny, with a high near 84. Calm wind becoming southeast around 5 mph. 

Tonight: Mostly cloudy, with a low around 63. South wind around 5 mph becoming calm. "

But if you look at the hazardous weather statement you find: 




So what does one believe ??

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Quote of the day - does Al Franken really mean it?

Quote:  "In a further reprise of his Air America past, Franken recalled former House Speaker Sam Rayburn, who once said, "Any jackass can kick down a barn, but it takes a carpenter to build one."  "Sam was a Texan," Franken told the conference. "In Minnesota, we don't use words like jackass. We call them 'donkeys.'"  - "  source --

Isn't the elephant the animal for the right wing Republican party and the donkey the animal for the left wing Democrat party? 

The TWWs (unbeknownst to Mrs. TWW) are shopping early for family holiday gifts

To get some good holiday gifts see this link: buttcrack  The down side of this is when an aspiring writer writes the history of TWW's family he/she may have a copyright problem with using The Butt Crack Journals as the title.  

Solar Chile Postponed Again

Monday, July 05, 2010

Solar Chile Cancelled Due to Lack of Sunshine

When you cook with solar it helps to use some fossil fuels to get things going until the sun gets warm  

The weather forecast says fog in the morning then clear skies.

The solar oven is not warming up fast.

Best check the recipe. It says four hours of sun needed (it does not mention how much fossil fuel is needed with no sun)

Time to make a decision. The new weather forecast says instead of clear skies now it may be cloudy and rain.

Time to let the chile cool off instead of polluting the atmosphere any more with CO2 and wait for some sunshine. This is a good lesson on why people need to develop patience when we start using solar to meet our energy needs. Instead of brown-outs there will be cloud-outs.  

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