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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Another half-baked, crackpot TWW Commentary on Gov-plan Gap Insurance

As the people in Washington rush to pass a sickcare reform bill none of them will read before voting on we often hear about Medicare being the gold standard in sick care. Surveys show many consumers are happy with Medicare and it is only the doctors and hospitals who whine about low reimbursements limiting their profits. But lost in the current debate is any mention of Medicare going broke and the need to carry Medigap insurance coverage. Though hard to understand for many people (like this writer), the government website on Medigap policies says under Medicare you pay for 20% of services (first $135 are free), first three pins of blood, and so on.

When the government rolls out the Government Plan (Gov-plan) people may be surprised. There may be fines for people who choose not to have health insurance. Financing of the plan may be as shaky as Medicare unless taxes go up but more important there has been no mention of private insurance companies selling Gov-plan Gap policies. You may end up having to pay for insurance you don't want then when you use the new insurance plan and you may wish you had a Gov-plan gap insurance policy as well like the seniors do but for now those policies don't seem to exist. Welcome to the era of hope and change.

Pay attention to the debate and you may know more about how reform will effect you than the people who vote on the bill without having enough time to read and understand it.

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