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Thursday, May 24, 2007

Life enhancement supported by high technology

People with a scanner and the Internet can listen to the aircraft flying by where they live and also watch a screen showing where the aircraft are. Who could be bored with such marvels of technology? For a greater thrill they can look out the window and see the actual aircraft. Sometimes they even can know who the pilot is.


Anonymous said...

flight aware is a site which tracks a particular flight from the time it leaves until it arrives. it plots location on a map of the u.s. as well as posting altitude and speed, as well as distance out. you enter the airline and the flight number and you're off. the son and the wife once removed flew to florida and i tracked the the entire distance. fun. im not familar with what you are doing here, but we'll get more on that at a later date. stay well....hfec

Anonymous said...

The small print on the picture says it is the Flight Aware site. This shows once again HFEC is well ahead of TWW in the tech areas. TWW's life goal is to become a country bumpkin and the last comment is proof that he is on the right track. - TWW

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