TWW is The Warped Woodturner who is a local artist living in a suburb of Springbrook, WI (pop 87). His mission is to use a wood lathe to make interesting but mostly useless objects from locally-sequestered carbon for tourists to bring back to the city to give to people they had to buy something for but don't like that well. His target market is the senior citizens since their vision is not as good as it used to be so cannot see the defects as well.

Friday, January 26, 2007

Iteration #2 of desem

The second loaves of desem turned out a little better. We could cut them with a gypsum board saw instead of a hacksaw this time.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Death wish

"The last thing I ever wanted was to be alive when the three most powerful people on the whole planet would be named Bush, Dick and Colon" - Kurt Vonnegut in A Man Without a Country

January is a time to do things you don't want to do

We finally got around to finishing the walls in the laundry room. How could a person have more fun in the middle of no where.

An even better high tech life enrichment opportunity

If you start your own blog you too can experience the enriching experience of watching your pictures upload.

Saturday, January 20, 2007

Possible source of life enrichment experiences awaits

We found a way to copy the funny little search box from the Google book search unto this blog. It has potential for life enrichment experiences. But in the meantime we will be content pressing 3:00 on the microwave and watching the plate go around.

Friday, January 19, 2007

Making desem bread

When we got the masonry stove we got a bake oven but it is underused so we decided to salvage the life enrichment potential of the oven by learning to make desem bread. See

The big day came. We followed all the directions in the book on how to make desem bread expecting a life enrichment opportunity. This is what we got.

We had the oven too hot. Remember a masonry stove burns wood and you have to start burning a fire at the proper time to have the temp of the oven correct. We put the bread in too soon and the crust got hard. We were able to salvage the bread which had an interesting taste using a hacksaw to cut it.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

More proof of global warming

Once again seek and ye shall find. Ten degrees below zero degrees Fahrenheit either proves or disproves global warming depending on what you are looking for.

More panes again show less pain

The picture above shows a french door in the bedroom with one grid mounted. There is an odd sensation when you look through the open pane on the left side. Below shows both grids in place and the odd sensation goes away. There must be some sort of psycho-babble explanation for this but it is beyond simple country folk like TWWT.

testimonial from another satisfied customer

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Making lefse

When you are not sure what you are doing it is time to do research. Since none of us had made lefse before we invited over a consultant who used to host a Norwegian cooking show on KNUT-FM at St. Ole's College in her student days. In the picture above she is boning up using a Norwegian cookbook (written in the old language).

Making lefse can be another way to enrich your life. Invitee some friends over and it can be even more fun. To start you need skinned and boiled potatoes. Mash them and rice them to strain all the bugs out.

To mix the ingredients you first find a dirty sock and put it over a hollow plastic rolling pin filled with frozen acquvit.

When you get the lefse rolled out you then take a second rolling pin with grooves in it and then roll the lefse one more time. The reason for this is lost in ancient Norwegian legends but we have heard if you don't roll the lefse a 2nd time it will turn into a tortilla.

Next you dip two sticks into a glass of beer (we used Canadian beer thinking Canada was as far north as Nowway but the beer gave the lefse a funny taste). Using the sticks you roll up the lefse dough and move it to a lefse griddle. We inherited the griddle in the picture and it was so old we could not find anything about wattage on it. We warmed the kitchen with the heat from the electric cord. (notice genuine Viking shirt in the pic).


Possible life enrichment experience coming up

One way to enrich your life is to fill your stomach with desem bread. The picture above is the first step in making desem bread. We don't know quite what desem bread is but we are trying to grow a desem for life enrichment. The infant desem is in a bag of flour in a pail on the floor of a room having a temperature about 60 degrees on the floor.

Saturday, January 06, 2007


One form of creativity is to take something from one setting and apply it to another. The picture above is a potato. TWWT injected some of his Viagra into the potato to see if it would be a life enhancing experience.

Thursday, January 04, 2007

A rough oak bowl brings an ethical dilemma

Today everybody is concerned about putting carbon into the air and woodturners should be especially worried. Much of a log is waste when you turn bowls. Either you can burn it and put CO2 into the air right away or have the waste rot and possibly put CO2 and other greenhouse gasses into the air.

First you start with a log when you want to make a bowl. This log weighed close to 80 pounds. It came from a tree downed in a 2005 storm. The red dolly was used to move the piece due to its weight.

After cutting the ends off the log (they could be cracked), the log was cut into two pieces and shaped with a chain saw into bowl blanks ready to go on the lathe. Each bowl blank weighed 25 pounds which means we have 30 pounds of waste so far to pollute the fragile planet.

Next the blow blank was shaped for the outside of the bowl and a tenon made to use with a chuck to hold the bowl from the bottom.

Finally the wood was removed from the inside, the bowl taken off the lathe, the bowl wrapped in newspaper and set aside to dry for several months and more months after that out in the open. The rough bowls each weighed about 7 pounds. So 25 minus 7 = 18 more pounds of waste to create greenhouse gases for each bowl or 36 pounds more of waste to create greenhouse gasses in total. This totals out at 66 pounds of waste products. The dilemma for TWWT is what to do with this waste without harming the planet. We all have to think globally and act locally while still badmouthing Bush.

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Temporary test page

This is only a test. If this was a real page it would contain valuable information to enrich your life. This is only a test of RSS.

Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year's Day is sunny

Note to readers: They have a new-fangled way of doing blogs now so the formats may seem different. The new way is slow to load pics but the quality may be better.

After many weeks of clouds caused by the greenhouse gases from the privy, we can finally see the sun.

It's hard to see but the firepit is filled with water from the recent rains. One lone firepit quality bowl is frozen in the top of the firepit pond until the ice melts again this week.

The sun shining on the grass. As you can see the recent snows have not been fruitful.

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